Saturday, March 30, 2013

Luke 17:6

"Even if you had faith as small as a mustard seed" the Lord answered "you could say to this mulberry tree 'May God uproot you and throw you into the sea' and it would obey you."

Not going like that would be pretty cool to uproot a tree by faith alone. With tiny faith I don't think its saying 'o you of little faith' I think its saying more along the lines of a baby Christian. If your faith is true faith in God and when you say to a tree uproot and you don't doubt it can happen. You are trusting Gods power that he can not how long you have been a Christian or how much faith you have.

Even though that would be awesome to do or see I think Jesus has a deeper meaning to saying this. Trees are not the only things with roots. Sin has roots as well. They will surface eventually if they have rooted and you are allowing them to grow. We have to have faith that God can take those sins completely out of our hearts.

Anything and everything can be taken down by God I know for me unfortunately I have selfish intentions when I pray something that bold out. I have noticed it recently and its hard to fix. But I know if I am true and honest with God and honestly seek and strive for my heart to be changed He will change me. I don't want to say to be in the mindset of glorifying God. And if he ever wants me to throw a tree in the ocean then shoot ill do it but only if He wants me to, not if I want to.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

1 Corinthians 13:7

"love never gives up. never looses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance."

"Your love never fail, never gives up, never runs out on me" I cannot begin to explain how thankful I am that God loves us and stays with us through every circumstance."

Pastor G. talked about this verse Wednesday and it blew my mind! God shattered me! This verse shows me how I struggle with trust in some areas. If I have been hurt in the past I shouldn't let it hinder my relationship with others. Never loose faith = trust and hope.

Love in every circumstance doesn't mean happy and fun, it just means you will keep hoping for the best to come out of every situation.  He went on to talk about how there is expectation, and reality. Do we think of the best or the worst in the circumstances? It had to do with trust. If you always think of the best even if they arnt right, we can be right with God and they will have to deal with it. But if we think the worst and hold on to it will effect how we treat or possibly how we treat others.

Today I will think the best of people rather then thinking of the worst that could happen.
1 Corinthians 13:6

"it is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out."

It amazes me how the world is so blind to the evil that surrounds us everyday. They notice some of it... and others notice when they have been wronged. But the truth it might not always be the super fun think to hear but we should want to hear about it.

As a human I really wish some times being evil and getting back at people or making someone fee like poop. But that is so wrong! I shouldn't want to hear the gossip about other people I should want just the truth. I want to put my trust in God fully so that can be an example of how to do it I other areas of my life.

1 Corinthians 13:5

"or rude. Love does not demand its own way, love is not irritable and it keeps no records of when it has been wronged."

The opposite of demanding its own way is sacrifice, or submission. Demanding is just never attractive. Love is not irritable. what? I always heard the more you are around someone the faster you get sick/annoyed of them. That doesn't have to be the case. If that was the case, God would be so annoyed with us all the time. Wow. Thank you God for being patient! Me getting irritated mostly depends on my mood or my pet peeves. But that shouldn't be the case! I am so thankful that's not the case with God... 

keeping records of wrongs... God help me. I got so angry at someone once, because she had a list of everything wrong with someone else. Then I realized I kind of did that too. So DUMB! Our sins always look worse when someone else does them. ever since that time I have prayed God would take that our of my heart. because I really really really don't want that in me! for one its only going to effect my walk with God, which is huge! and second it will keep me from trusting others. I wouldn't want someone to hold my sins against me. So I should not even start to think about holding something against them.

Again. Jesus Christ... what a perfect example of love. Today if it comes up in my mind to get angry about the past I will say a verse to get those thoughts out of my brain.
1 Corinthians 13:4

"Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast it is not proud"

Perfect love... only God has it down to a T. Love is a word I throw around looser then I should. Love is such a deep word. In this verse alone it has 5 different ways of being expressed. By doing or not doing. Only with the help of the Holy Spirit can we even begin to act like this perfect love.

I find it interesting how love is the big deal! This chapter is right in between the two chapters that talk about spiritual giftings. God knows our hearts and our intentions... and we should want our motivation to be love.

These verse gives you how do, and the opposite of what we should do. With kindness there is no room to be proud or boastful if you are truly kind. Again with patients, its our envy and pride that keeps us from wanting to be and stay patient.

Pride. Ugh. I don't want to be held by pride. It is so hurtful between my walk with God as well as relationships with others. Pride assumes the worst from people, and makes you think you have the right to judge. News flash, that's so wrong! We shouldn't be doing that! We cant give into justifying  ourselves but look down on others. today if I get a proud thought or envy for any reason I will say something kind to them who I am thinking bad of, or ill just think of a verse to get my brain out of that train of thoughts.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

John 15:1
"I Am the true vine and my Father is the Gardener."

I am happy I am not the gardener. because I would have days I wouldn't want to take care of what I planted. its amazing how God can pay attention to each part the same. He never neglects to prune or break the parts off that are not producing fruit. He never neglects to prune or water. He is 100% all of the time not 95%!

The vine... though the vine the branches are watered. We need to stay absorbent to our source of water.  I know I get drowned sometimes, and I don't share or produce fruit I just keep it inside. We are fed so we can share about who our provider is.

Instead of just letting my head absorb all the information, I want to share it with others. 
John 8:35
"A slave is not a permanent member of the family, but a son is part of the family forever."

The first thing I can think of is at some point a slave is given a choice. To stay and be a bond servant, or to leave. In the same way we as Christians are given the choice to leave... or stay.

I still cannot comprehend being a slave/ bondservant for Christ. its just boggles my brain that God has to be in complete control. If I want to glorify Him I need to straight up give up. But know that I think about it I would much rather be free of sin and be a slave of Christ. Because His way wont be a burden. It will come with trials and war, but it will be lead by wisdom, love, and all knowledge power.

I love that the son is Jesus. He is the perfect and He is in the holy family. The perfect family. And He can never be cut off which is wonderful! Because He is why we can have relationship. He covered our sins since we cant be perfect, but we can still abide with the father because of Him. God is so good! as a wonderful song says "Lord you gave your life for me, so I will give my life to you"

It amazes me that we are all so much. like the Israelites yet God always wants us back and wants to help us. I am so thankful God had the bible written so we can get even just a small glimpse of who he is. I am going to write down and chew on all the verses that has to do with how God apposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.